Back massage - approx. 25 min.

Full-body massage - approx. 50 min.

Classic massages play a vital role in muscle Regeneration




EUR 33

EUR 65

Partner massage - approx. 45 min.

Full-body massage side by side

EUR 115

Connective tissue massage - approx. 35 min.

This is the most intense type of reflexology. Prior to the treatment, a goat butter cream is being applied. Its ingredients invigorate the skin.

EUR 42

Indian dream massage - approx. 45 min.

Full-body massage with warm sesame oil and salt-oil scrub. A ritual from a far away land.

EUR 69

Aroma massage - approx. 50 min.

Full-body embalmment with aromatic oils. Relaxing full-body massage with heat carriers.

EUR 68

Water-soap-brush-foam massage - approx. 45 min.

We brush your whole body with soap foam. Final care with goat buttermilk cream. Promotes circulation and tones tissue.

EUR 65

South Sea feeling - approx. 60 min.

A massage ceremony with cool coconut oil and warm herbal steam. Permanent Contour Body.

EUR 77

Healing chalk - approx. 35 min.

Detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effect. Pure nature chalk from the island Rügen.

EUR 44

Primrose oil cream bath - approx. 35 min.

The hydrating and cell-activating primrose oil is a special treatment in the world of wellness. It counteracts the skin's ageing process and refines your skin (neurodermatitis).

EUR 44

Lymphatic drainage - approx. 35 min.

Gentle massage using pumping and sweeping movements. Used for oedemas, for detoxing and against varices.

EUR 42

Targeted massage with stretching exercises approx. 35 min.

Well suited to tackle shortened muscles. The customer is being passively stretched during the massage.

EUR 42

Athletes' package - approx. 70 min.

Athletes' massage for back and legs, followed by a full-body mask using healing chalk. Muscles need time to regenerate in order to grow and become stronger.

EUR 73

La Stone - approx. 50 min.

A full-body oil massage with warm volcanic and cold marble stones. The massage has both relaxing and stimulating effects on muscles and the nervous system.

EUR 68

Foot reflexology - approx. 35 min.

Through working the foot zones, the corresponding body part or organ is being positively affected.

EUR 42

Leg and foot massage - approx. 25 min.

Refreshingly cool massage for tired and heavy legs.

EUR 33

Full-body peat treatment - approx. 35 min.

With its mysterious method of action, the warm peat targets back pain and effects of everyday stress.

EUR 44

Grape seed massage - approx. 80 min.

Full-body massage with grape seeds. Sea salt and grape seed oil stimulate the circulation and muscle tone. This is followed by goat buttermilk cream softpack system treatment

EUR 81

Family SPA - approx. 25 min.

Relaxation for two. Wellness for one parent and a child.

EUR 63

Especially for expecting mothers

Prenatal back treatment - approx. 25 min.

Sitting massage of cervical spine and shoulder area.

EUR 33

Harmonious pregnancy - approx. 35 min.

Lymphatic drainage for the decongestion of the legs and classic neck and shoulder massage.

EUR 42

Children's massage - approx. 25 min.

Massage for children from 4 to 14. Mum or dad are present during the massage! Gentle back and leg massage. Feeling (singing bowl) and listening to relaxing sounds.

EUR 30

Foam massage for children - approx. 25 min.

Massage for children from 4 to 14. Mum or dad are present during the massage! The funny and relaxing massage experience. Covered in warm soap-foam oil.

EUR 38
(all prices include 20% VAT).
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