Baby Swimming

Regular baby swimming gives the children a physical and mental development advantage over their peers. Through baby swimming, the children get familiar with the element water in a playful manner. In the water, the baby can independently perform movements that wouldn't be possible for it on land. Swimming speeds up the development of motor skills, invigorates the muscles and respiratory system, stimulates circulation and trains the sense of balance.

The children become more self-confident and loose their fear of new and unfamiliar situations. When practising swimming together with their parents, the child is in the centre of its parents' attention. At the same time, the family activities promote their relationship to one another and teach the parents how to safely handle their children in the water.

Baby swimming - private lessons for beginners and advanced swimmers

Duration: 35 min.

1 baby/lesson

2-5 babys/lesson


EUR 31.00*

EUR 18.00*

*price does not include admission to the Sonnentherme

all year by agreement!

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