Sunny Bunny

A fluffy bunny with a sunny disposition is your host at Hotel Sonnenpark. As of late, he is accompanied by his girlfriend Pinky Bunny.

Sunny Bunny takes his little guests through the entire children's adventure programme and provides information in a highly humorous way. He embodies the entire idea of the children's adventure programme at Hotel Sonnenpark and Sonnentherme hot springs: healthy exercise and nutrition, arts, culture and festivals held every year - presented in a contemporary way that children understand. At Hotel Sonnenpark, you will also regularly run into Pinky Bunny.

Sunny Bunny visits the children several times a day.
9:00 am: At the Sunny Wake Up hosted by Pinky Bunny, the day starts in a fit and happy manner.
11:45 am: Sunny Bunny personally waves the children who go home good-bye. 7:00 pm: Sunny Bunny dances and cuddles with children in the Hotel's lobby

Children's adventure Programme informs you on all the activities with Sunny Bunny.

Sunny Bunny Shop offers many popular ways to take Sunny Bunny home for lots of his little friends find it difficult to part with him.

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