Toddler Swimming (1.5 to 4 months of age)

During toddler swimming, the little ones playfully train moving about in the water.

Fortunately, children are curious by nature and love searching for new experiences in movement.

Apart from training their motor skills, toddler swimming also helps them not to panic in the water but keep their head above the water. This is particularly important in case toddlers get into dangerous situations in an unwatched moment at home or out in nature.

One of the course's objectives is to teach the children the proper reaction in case they unexpectedly fall into the water. That is why the children walk over wobbly bridges or swim with their T-shirts on in the course of the lessons. Thus prepared, they can master dangerous situations in the water much better.

Toddler swimming - private lessons

Duration: 35 min.

1 child/lesson

2-5 children/lesson


EUR 31.00*

EUR 18.00*

* price does not include admission to the Sonnentherme

Dates: all year by agreement!

Further information and registration also at 0043 (0)2615/87171-1006



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