Organic Adventure Garden

Our garden with herbs, vegetables and beds with treats for those with a sweet tooth produces organic vegetables aplenty.

It's a true joy for gardeners, cooks and guests alike.

250 square metres of garden surprise with sheer lushness and variety. Young and adult guests best experience this abundance of plants by strolling through the garden and taking in the various scents and try one or two of the delicacies that grow within. Directly from the bed or, in any case, from our buffet. There, the proprietary varieties find their way onto your plate in organic quality.

Almost forgotten types of vegetables such as French sorrel or red orache complement our menus. Various kinds of basil, fruit-scented sage and mint find their way into the patisserie and are used to create special treats. Every day, our waiters walk through the "scented herbal garden cloud" and harvest the stuff needed for our herbal water.

Once the little gardeners have discovered their green thumbs, they harvest courgette, cauliflower, broccoli, garden radish and directly deliver the crisp and fresh vegetables to the kitchen. However, since watering, weeding and harvesting makes one thirsty, we concoct our Lightning Lemonade from sweet balm, lemon verbena, chocolate mint and marigold.

Especially our little tomato greenhouse fills our gardeners with joy. There, 14 different types of tomatoes whose fancy names such as Lila Sari, Green Zebra, Black Plum and Carobetta convey colourful diversity are grown.

Not just our young guests can adventurously discover our garden, we have also thought of mum and dad and have prepared delicious liqueurs. Our long drink with herbal liqueur and digestive nut liqueur are available from late summer. But we have not forgotten about Sunny Bunny's little friends. We have built their own bunny food bed for them. There, alfalfa, colourful clover, garden radish and other treats are grown for Stupsi, Flecki and their friends.

The garden adventure furthermore offers Sunny Bunny's little guests many opportunities to play, discover and enjoy and not least promotes the development of their little green thumbs.

Snapshots of the organic adventure garden

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