Sunny Bunny's Swim Academy

Our programs in the water: for babies and kids, parents and pregnant women

Swimming and jumping with brains, relaxing with body, mind and soul.

Sunny Bunny's Swim Academy at Sonnentherme draws on many years of experience. Austria’s leading baby and toddler hot springs offer daily swimming lessons for various groups all year round.

  • Baby Swimming (3 to 18 months)
  • Baby Wellness (3 to 18 months)
  • Baby Massage (3 to 12 months)

4 reasons why exercise in the water is great for your baby:

  • Regular swimming gives children a physical and mental developmental advantage over their peers.
  • Through baby swimming, the children get familiar with the element water in a playful manner. In the water, the baby can independently perform movements that wouldn't be possible for it on land.
  • Swimming promotes the development of their motor skills, strengthens their muscles and respiratory system, stimulates circulation and trains their sense of balance.
  • The children become more self-confident and loose their fear of new and unfamiliar situations.

When practising swimming together with their parents, the child is in the centre of its parents' attention. At the same time, this joint family activity promotes the members’ relationships to each other and teaches parents how to correctly handle their baby in the water. More on the benefits and the 4 reasons below.

Lessons for beginners & advanced swimmers

Sunny Baby Swimmer I-V
Lesson allocation as per child’s developmental stage

Duration: Once per week for 8 weeks, each session lasts 35 min. Weekday and time by agreement.  
Price:  € 97,90* up to 10 participants

* Price does not include hot springs admission; reduced 3 hour spa admission for all swimming sessions (0-99 y.) € 6,60.

Includes fabric badge, diploma and a little present at the end of the lessons. 

Dates: individual and at any time by arrangement.

This feel-well programme is unique in Austria. 

Mother and baby feel properly snug in the warm thermal waters. Our Mum/Baby Aqua Yoga is an offer for all mums who want to do something for themselves, their health and therefore also for a good relationship with their baby. Especially in the first years of life, the baby's well-being depends very much on that of his or her mum.
A special aspect of Mum/Baby Aqua Yoga is that not only the mum exercises, but also the baby is playfully integrated into the exercises. For the baby, the element water is nothing new. It calms and relaxes - and that includes mummy. The exercises in the water and the contact with the baby pamper body and soul with the necessary calm.
Mum/Baby Aqua Yoga is also an opportunity to come to terms with oneself, to stretch again and to strengthen in those areas that, at the moment, are craving relief the most. . And it's easy on your joints! 

Mum/Baby Aqua Yoga single session

Duration: 35 min.

1 Baby/session € 32.00*
2-5 Babies/session € 19.00*

* price does not include admission to the spa

Dates: all year by arrangement!

Further information and registration also at 0043 (0)2615/87171-1050 or swimacademy(at)

In der Sonnentherme werden auch die Verwöhnprogramme für ganz kleine Menschen ganz großgeschrieben. 


The baby wellness program consists of:

  • a short unit of baby swimming,
  • Baby sauna,
  • the so-called baby beauty.

In the water, the baby enjoys his independent movement experience, while in the baby sauna, the immune system is strengthened, with adapted temperatures and in close togetherness with the parents. The program is rounded off by the enjoyable care with valuable oils and beneficial healing wool in a relaxed atmosphere.

Baby wellness single session

Duration: 50 min.

1 Baby/session € 39.00*
2-5 Babies/session € 22.00*

* price does not include admission to spa

Dates: all year by arrangement!

Further information and registration also at 0043 (0)2615/87171-1050 or swimacademy(at)


A butterfly massage is a gentle caressing session performed by the parents themselves under the guidance of a professional. Thus, one of the baby massage's side effects is that it strengthens the relationship between baby and parents. 

  • Keeps baby’s muscles soft and flexible 
  • Promotes circulation 
  • Promotes a feeling of physical security.

Baby Massage single session

Duration: 20min.

1 baby/session 27.00*

* Price does not include spa admission. 

Dates: all year by arrangement!

More information and registration between 9:00 am and 3:30 pm at
02615/87171-1050 or swimacademy(at)

Underwater photo shoot

Your little one’s first dives in the framework of swimming lessons are recorded and can then be given to friends and family. As a special memento of your holidays at Sonnentherme.  

Underwater diving experience is required!

Contribution towards expenses for photo stored on USB stick including rights for unrestricted use: € 15.90
For course participants € 8.90

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