Welcome to our Sauna World!

Sauna World (nude area, min. age 15)

In Sauna World (nude area without exception), even the biggest sauna fans will find something for themselves. – The offer leaves nothing to be desired!

  • Two Finnish saunas 
  • A steam bath 
  • An aroma steam bath 
  • Herbal sauna 
  • Bio sauna 
  • Jacuzzi 
  • Plunge Pool 
  • Infra-red cabin 

But sweating also means that the liquid tanks must be refilled. The sauna bar gives one ample opportunity to do so.


Sauna World

Steam Bath

Our Steam Bath promotes your circulation, cleanses and invigorates your skin and helps with respiratory illnesses as well as rheumatic ailments. A lukewarm shower afterwards helps you cool down. After the steam bath, we recommend to give your body a 30 minutes' rest. At a temperature of 45°C and humidity of 80%, we recommend a dwell time of 15 to 20 minutes.

Sauna Bar

Sauna Bar

But sweating also means that the liquid tanks must be refilled. The sauna bar gives one ample opportunity to do so.
From buttermilk and whey to beer, wine, coffee or simply a refreshing sparkling water – this is where you can enjoy yourself. 
There are also small salads, stuffed rolls or cakes for the "sweet teeth" to satisfy the small appetite in between.

Adventure Infusions

Adventure Infusions

If you want to make your sauna visit something very special, you can enjoy one of our many experience infusions and ceremonies in our Sauna World. Pure essential oils sourced from organic farming are used. During your visit to the sauna we will spoil you with a sea salt infusion, honey infusion, a chocolate ceremony, a grape seed peeling, sugar peeling and many other treatments. 


Alpha Lounger

Bring your body and soul to rest on our Alpha Loungers. In the Blue Room of Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg with its Alpha Loungers, gentle movements, sounds and soothing light bring the soul to rest. The interaction of colour, sound, vibration and form enables deep relaxation. Also ideal for expectant mothers to "listen to themselves" and build up a connection with the unborn child. 

1 session of 25 min. € 25

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